88 old man became a millionaire overnight as purchasing lottery tickets for the past 35-40 years.

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Nobody can predict when someone's luck might completely flip. You must have heard many stories about how this man became a billionaire or a millionaire overnight. No one can predict when or who will become the protagonist of such stories. One such story has emerged from Punjab, where a person has not only become a millionaire but has become a millionaire overnight. You must be surprised to hear this, but this is the reality. On Wednesday, an 88-year-old man in Derabassi, Punjab, experienced a stroke of luck.

The old man became a millionaire overnight. When this person got the news, he could not believe it. This individual has won a lottery worth five crores. There was a lot of excitement in the neighbourhood as the news broke. Everyone started reaching home to congratulate the old man. After earning such a large sum, the man stated that he would share the money between his son and Dera.

According to a report by the news agency ANI, the name of the elderly person is Mahant Dwarka Das. After winning the lottery, he said that he was feeling very happy. He further said that he has been buying lotteries for the last 35–40 years. Mahant's son, Narendra Kumar Sharma, said, "My father gave money to my nephew to buy a lottery ticket for him. He won it and we are feeling happy."  

A similar incident occurred in Dubai, where an Indian became a millionaire overnight. He had received 3200 dinars. Even after winning the lottery, that gentleman couldn't believe he'd won such a hefty sum. After winning the jackpot, the man told Khaleej Times that he would use the money to fund his charity trust. This will assist many people in his hometown and neighbouring villages in meeting their basic necessities

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