9-day festival with different colours for each day, each representing a different form of the goddess


Navratri is a Hindu festival celebrated to honour the various forms of Goddess Durga. The 9-day festival is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and devotion by Hindus all over the world. The festival is celebrated with different colours for each day, each representing a different form of the goddess. The significance of these nine colours is not only related to the physical form of the goddess but also to her spiritual manifestation. This year Navratri will begin on October 15 and will end on October 24, 2023 

The first colour, pink, represents Goddess Shailputri. Pink stands for nourishment and compassion. It is believed that Goddess Durga provides food for her devotees when they ask for it in times of need. 

The second colour, white, symbolizes Goddess Brahmacharini. White stands for purity and innocence as well as justice and righteousness. Goddess Durga destroys all evil and ensures that justice prevails when her devotees call upon her for help.

The third colour, red, represents Mata Chandraghanta. This colour symbolizes energy, passion, and enthusiasm. It also represents fertility and well-being. Red is commonly associated with the colour of blood which is symbolic of the courage and strength that goddess Durga embodies. 

The fourth colour, orange, represents Goddess Kushmanda. Orange is said to represent joy and happiness. It stands for good luck and fortune as well as success in all endeavours. Goddess Durga ensures that all obstacles are removed from the paths of her devotees when they seek her help and protection. 

The fifth colour, yellow, represents Goddess Skanda Mata. Yellow is a bright and sunny colour which is associated with wealth and abundance. It symbolizes prosperity and success in life. Goddess Durga blesses her devotees with abundance in all aspects of life when they seek her help.

The sixth colour, maroon, symbolizes Katyayani Mata. Maroon signifies courage, strength and willpower in the face of difficulty or danger. Goddess Durga grants courage and fearlessness to those who need it when they seek her aid. 

The seventh colour, royal blue, symbolizes Goddess Kalratri. This colour represents knowledge, intelligence, clarity and truth. It is believed that Goddess Durga provides wisdom to her devotees when they seek her help in times of trouble. 

The eighth colour, green, represents Goddess Gauri. Green is associated with creativity and knowledge. It also stands for growth, renewal and fertility. Goddess Durga blesses her devotees with creativity and understanding when they call upon her for help. 

The ninth colour, beige, stands for Goddess Siddhidatri. Purple represents spirituality and transformation. It symbolizes divine motherhood as it reminds us that Goddess Durga showers love and protection on us like a mother would do for Her children. 

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