Fashion Week X FDCI 2023: Redefining Saree, Pompous way start fashion week

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The March edition of Lakmé Fashion Week in partnership with FDCI is here at the Jio World Garden in BKC. The four-day fashion extravaganza kicked off on Thursday, March 9. The first day is dedicated to Sustainable Fashion with the opening show by INIFD 

The grand showcase by Gennext 2023 winners KoAi, Hiro, KoyToy, and Rudraksh Dwivedi was a perfect opening for the event.

KoAi's collection titled, Coalescence was inspired by Coppice with unique prints designed by visualising Coppice integrating their classic printing floral motifs. Am amalgamation of drapes and pleats the silhouettes made of heavy cotton silk, mushroom twill, poplin cotton, and chiffon complemented the aesthetics.

Dystopian Bride was the concept for Hiro's collection which drew its inspiration from a post-apocalyptic world. The experimental collection with dying techniques lile tie dye and stone washing, was created through ruching and smocking techniques.

KoyToy's collection, a Maharaja-in-waiting appear to have a dual life. The designs included magnified renditions of the intricate motifs found in historic art murals. Prints were heavy on motifs depicting freshwater pearls, glittery jewel boxes, and original miniature paintings. Iconic silhouettes of hunting safari sets, horse riding chaps and flared oversized pants, styled with statement gemstones and pearl strings complete the Modern Maharaja fit.

Inspired by eco-brutalism, Rudraksh Dwivedi's collection had geometric line work integrated into handcrafted raw textures with an aesthetic juxtaposition.

With the base fabric made with four inch metallic trim, matted onto tulle and manipulated using hand and machine work the collection set perfect with the combination of chrome line work with black layered tulle and crochet mesh creating a mix of paradoxical elements throughout the The second show at Atelier by designer Anavila Misra under her eponymous label showcased her latest collection titled DABU. Anavila was the the opening designer of the Atelier show - a space designed for experimental presentations and shows.The collection was an attempt to present the saree’s stylistic nuances, philosophical metaphors and spiritual associations to nature in its raw form. “Saree is not bound by zippers, buttons or belts, but like life, the saree flows into the vessel that is the body. The simple elegance of a saree, unstitched and exquisitely draped, is the marvel of unfettered and fluid creativity,” she said.

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