Flowers and leaves of Harsingar works as an effective remedy for the pain of sciatica?!

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Use of Harsingar in Sciatica: Sciatica is a nerve in the body that usually puts pressure on the disc or spur nerve in the spine and causes back pain. Sometimes this pain reaches the lower part of the body as well, and then it becomes difficult to walk. In such a situation, there is a remedy in Ayurveda that can work effectively. This remedy involves the use of harsingar. Actually, the use of the flowers and leaves of Harsingar works as an effective remedy for the pain of sciatica. Let us know. 

How to use Harsingar in Sciatica? 


1. Apply Harsingar oil in sciatica

Applying Harsingar oil in sciatica is considered beneficial. All you have to do is take the flowers and leaves of Harsingar and cook them with clove and mustard oil. Then apply this oil to the painful area. It is helpful in reducing swelling as well as relieving pain.

2. Drink Harsingar tea

Drinking Harsingar tea can be an effective solution to this problem. Harsingar tea reduces the pressure built up in your body and gives relief to the sciatic nerves. It calms these nerves, reducing pain and discomfort. Therefore, you should mix sciatica leaves in your tea.

3. Take an extract of Harsingar leaves

Taking an extract of Harsingar leaves on an empty stomach in the morning can reduce this problem. These leaves are rich in anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe the nerves and gradually reduce back pain. So, take Harsingar leaves, grind them, add some black pepper to them, and then consume this extract.

Harsingar benefits for sciatica:

There are many benefits of Harsingar in Sciatica. Firstly, its anti-inflammatory properties calm the nerves and reduce swelling. Second, it is beneficial for arthritis patients and can reduce joint pain. Third, when you consume it regularly, it prevents pain and removes many nerve problems.

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