Foot care tips in Monsoon healthy during rainy season .

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As much as we enjoy monsoon, it brings along a number of health issues that can be a point of concern if one fails to take proper care of themselves. The rainy season is full of moisture, sweat and stickiness which is caused due to humidity and this increases manifold the chances of fungus and moulds in your body especially your feet.

Therefore, in order to guard your feet against infections and keep them healthy and clean, you need to take special care of your feet in the monsoon. So, here we are with a few important tips in form of some dos and don'ts from experts which will help you take care of your feet during the rainy season. Take a look:

Dos for healthy feet amidst monsoon



Use a foot scrubber or pumice stone to remove the dead skin from your feet regularly. The dead skin cells tend to harden the feet and lead to cracks. This will keep your feet clean and devoid of dead skin.

Moisturising is the key

Always use a moisturizer on your feet after washing it thoroughly. Olive oil or almond oil may also be as effective as a moisturiser. Almond oil is a natural foot lotion that should be applied evenly all over the feet before going to bed

Foot therapy

Foot soaks, scrubs and healing creams are available aplenty and these work great to restore the smoothness of your feet. A foot soak is one that is added to warm water after which salt beads and fresh aqua scent help to relax and cleanse them. Foot scrubs contain healing oils such as that of jojoba and sunflower along with vitamin E. They replenish the moisture lost and also make your footpad supple.

Wash your feet properly

Flush out toxins from your body through your feet! A hot bath for your feet can work wonders. Using a fine pumice stone or a scrubber to clean up your feet real good and later soak them in warm water to relax and say goodbye to dead cells and toxins! Do not forget to moisturize your feet right after.

Use foot mask

Just like hair and face masks do wonders for you, foot masks can also soothe your skin and give it a subtle and soft touch. The right foot mask will not only exfoliate skin but will also provide deep penetrating moisture.

Dont's for healthy feet amidst monsoon

Avoid wearing closed footwear

Closed shoes and other footwear can fail to dry up a little moisture trapped in your feet during this season which can lead to different types of fungal infections. Therefore, try wearing open rubber sandals and slippers to avoid wetness and dirt.

Avoid drying wet footwear indoors

Wet shoes, sandals or any other form of footwear should not be kept in the shade for drying. Keeping them under the bed or in the shoe rack would allow bacteria to breed on them, especially if they are wet. Remember that fungus and bacteria are attracted to dark and moist places. 

Avoid growing your nails longer during monsoon

Long nails can have chances of breeding bacteria underneath them. This can build up to cause several types of fungal infections in your fingers and feet. Therefore, make sure to have the nails cut short during the monsoon. 

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