How to dry nail polish faster as array of colours and nail art to choose !!


Everyone loves to flash those gorgeous digits! With an array of colours and nail art to choose from you are always spoilt for choice. You have got a fresh manicure, your favourite hue looks fabulous on your nails, and you can’t wait to take a picture. But, the wait is long because you can’t move your fingers till your nail polish dries. Probably one of the biggest issues of a fresh manicure is the wait time — and if you are not patient, you risk the chances of smudging and ruining your beautiful nails. Read through to see how to dry nail polish faster, so that you avoid a messy manicure.

Material required: Hair dryer, Ice, Baby oil / olive oil, Cotton pads , Essential oils, Bowl, Hair spray 

Dip it in ice: On those days when you don’t have your hairdryer at hand, a quick dip in a bowl of ice water can work just as well. Ensure that you dunk your nail beds in sufficiently for a minute to allow the nail polish to set in place.

Get some grease: Baby oil or olive oil (basically any cooking oil) can help dry your nail polish faster. Just put a few drops on your freshly painted nails and let it rest. Wipe the oil off using a cotton pad once the nail paint dries. You can also use a cooking oil spray to get the job done 

Use essential oils: The same principle of lubrication also extends to your favourite essential oils. Whether peppermint, lavender or citronella, fill a small bowl with your go-to and dip your nails inside for a minute to help speed up the drying process. If you have an old nail polish bottle around, you can even choose to apply the oil with a clean brush.

Reach for hairspray: Paint your nails and once it is set, use a hairspray over the nails from a distance of about eight inches as the force of the aerosol spray can ruin your paint job if held too close. Wash your hands with soap, and you are good to go. 

Give your nails a blowout: If you have been on the fence about investing in a nail dryer machine, your hairdryer can step in as a handy substitute. It will dry your nail paint faster than the natural air. Put the setting to cool air and wave the dryer a couple of times over your wet nails until the nail polish dries completely. Repeat on the other hand and you are done.

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