In a rare occurrence a man claims to have misplaced his death certificate. Viral Social Media

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Newspapers publishing bizarre advertisements is nothing uncommon. We've seen a lot of ads over the years that feature the weirdest things. From matrimonial advertising to public apologies, we've seen it all. In a rare occurrence, a strange newspaper ad is doing the rounds on the internet, leaving the internet shocked. In the advertisement, a man claims to have misplaced his death certificate. 

The viral print advertisement shows a man claiming to have lost his own death certificate, and he has mentioned the time of losing it with the place specified. The name printed in the advertisement is Ranjit Kumar Chakraborty

The newspaper cutout was shared by IPS officer Rupin Sharma on Twitter. Sharing the picture, he wrote, "It happens only in #India." 

As soon as the post went viral, netizens flocked to the comment section to react to it. One user wrote, "If found where the certificate has to be delievered Heaven or Hell?." Another user wrote, "He lost his own death certificate. Authority should initiate action, if he founds guilty." A third user wrote,"Possible in India only." Another user commented, "I believe in spirits." A user also wrote, "So produce an existence certificate."

Netizens took hilarious jibes at the person and called him a 'legend'. While some people also criticised the publication for printing such a bizarre ad.

In other incident, a matrimonial newspaper ad took over the internet. The viral advertisement stated that the groom must be an IAS/IPS, a working doctor (PG), or an industrialist or businessman from the same caste. Netizens' attention was drawn to a particular request at the end that reads, "Software engineers kindly do not call.The advertisement divided the internet into two. Some folks made amusing jabs at engineers, and engineers gave befitting replies in the comments

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