International Women s Day 2022 : Lets Celebrate every women in the world

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 International Women's Day is celebrated across the globe every year on March 8. The day is celebrated to commemorate the achievements of women, raise awareness against gender bias, and take action for equality. The objective of this day is to create a better gender-neutral society by generating discourse. On this day, various events and seminars are conducted to achieve this objective wherein people give speeches and hold discussions. Here are some of the speech and essay ideas you may use to celebrate International Women's Day this year.

1- This year's theme for International Women's Day is "Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow". So, you can give a short speech on this year's theme as well. You may begin your speech with an anecdote. It is an attractive way to gain the attention of listeners. Then you may explain what gender equality means and why is it important. Give examples from the real world to make your speech more relevant.

2- Another interesting and relevant topic to give a speech on is 'the position of women in contemporary/ modern society.' Start with the different roles that women play in their everyday lives. Explain how challenging it is for them and yet their efforts are often unrecognized and unacknowledged. Also, mention the central role women have in the lives of people around them. Let your listeners imagine a world without women to make them understand their importance.

3- You may also give a speech on influential women figures in history who should become the inspiration for today's generation. Start with telling the achievements of notable women without naming them, and ask the listeners if they recognize her. Ask more similar questions and interact with the audience. Then list the plethora of women who have contributed significantly in different areas. Go on to explain how they serve as our predecessors whom we should learn from.

Essays Ideas for International Women's Day 2022:

Following are some of the ideas you can use to write essays on International Women's Day:

1- Importance of women in the family
2- Why celebrating Women's Day is important
3- History of women's liberation movement and its significance
4- What is feminism and why is it needed
5- Different aspects of women's identity
6- The struggles of being a modern women
7- Workspace discrimination faced by women in the workplace
8- Social prejudice faced by women
9- How women empowerment can be achieved
10- Importance of sisterhood in women empowerment

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