SBI employee mistakenly transferred Rs 1.50 into accounts of 15 employees of Lotus Hospitals .

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New Delhi: To err is human. The phrase fits perfectly with a recent act of a State Bank of India (SBI) employee who mistakenly transferred a huge amount of money to the accounts of bank employees. The SBI staffer had mistakenly transferred the funds set aside for the Telangana government's flagship programme the Dalit Bandhu scheme, to the bank accounts of employees of Lotus Hospitals. The clerical error, however, was rectified and only led to a pretty small loss to the bank, which could be recovered later in the coming days. 

Under the Dalit Bandhu scheme, the Telangana government provides one-time capital assistance of Rs 10 lakh per SC family. The flagship programme provides SC families with a 100 per cent subsidy to create a suitable income generating source. 

However, instead of transferring the funds to the eligible families under the Dalit Bandhu scheme, the SBI employee mistakenly transferred Rs 1.50 into the (salary) accounts of 15 employees of Lotus Hospitals, according to a report by The Hindu. 

Each of the 15 employees received Rs 10 in their bank accounts, thanks to the clerical error made by the SBI staffer. 14 of the 15 employees had already returned. However, an employee, who was in dire need of funds, has spent a portion of the sum that was mistakenly credited to his bank account. The worker named Mahesh reportedly assumed that the Rs 10 lakh was credited into his bank account by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He withdrew a portion of the funds to clear his debt.

The lender, however, filed a case against an 'accidental' beneficiary to recover the funds. The report pointed out that the case was filed after Mahesh didn't return the money despite repeated requests 

Bank officials have reportedly recovered Rs 6.70 lakh from the Rs 10 lakh mistakenly transferred to Mahesh's account. The worker is yet to return the remaining Rs 3.30 lakh to the lender.

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