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As unique and different as it may sound, this day is equally interesting. No points for guessing we are talking about the National Burger Day 2021. As the name goes, the special day is dedicated to burgers and is celebrated on August 22 every year.

The day was founded in the United Kingdom by Mr. Hyde in order to acknowledge the perfect food burger for its unique taste, toppings and texture. Well, as weird as it may sound but on this special day don't just eat a burger, celebrate it. Yes, you can do that by sharing different wishes, quotes, SMSes etc with your loved ones. Take a look: 

  • You will get mood when you eat good food like a burger. Happy national burger day.
  • We all have to take time to eat a burger to appreciate the taste.
  • French fries taste better with a burger. So have French fries with a burger!
  • The journey of getting fat begins with a burger.
  • Eat a burger today as you never had one. National burger day.
  • Today is national burger day. My whole body is on diet except my mouth.
  • People who love to eat a burger are always the best people.
  • When I’m hungry, I talk a lot. So my mom keeps a burger in my mouth as soon as I open it!
  • Do you know why I’m fat? I eat a burger when I’m bored and I get bored always.
  • Everyone wants a change, even burger needs one.
  • There is no love than the love for a burger.
  • You are what you eat. So do not eat anything cheap. Bragg a burger.
  • Do you believe in miracles? I had to believe after having a burger.
  • The burger is the ingredient that binds us together.
  • This is the best season to have a burger and wish everyone on national burger day.
  • A party without a burger is just like a meeting in the conference hall.
  • All sorrows are less with a burger.
  • I can see the whole world in my burger plate! Happy burger day.
  • Keep your friends close to you and burgers closer to you.
  • When you eat a burger, just think of the person who prepared it.
  • Eating is a necessity, but making a burger is an art.
  • Love is blind, but burger friendship closes its eyes.
  • A burger is my best friend. Whenever I need, it will be by my side.
  • Today forget your diet and have a burger. Happy national burger day to all.
  • Exercise? I thought you said burger! National burger day.
  • A balanced diet is a burger in each hand. Burger day wishes to all foodies out there.
  • Talk less and work more. I am working on eating a burger.
  • I prefer to have a diet coke with a burger so that I don’t get fat.
  • Today satisfy your burger cravings because it is national burger day

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