Uttar Pradesh reels under acute power crunch

Utter Pradesh reels under acute power crunch

As mercury rises and powerhouses state facing coal shortage, the people of Uttar Pradesh have been facing an acute power crisis this summer. The demand for electricity in the state has increased to an all-time high level of 23000 megawatt per day whereas the supply at present is less than 20000 megawatt only.Seeing the shortage of railway racks for the coal supply, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed officials to use road transport for the supply. The state government has asked the staff of the power corporations to put in extra hours of work to maintain supply

After the union government’s directives for the purchase of imported coal to run thermal power houses, UP would have spent Rs 11000 crore more on it. According to officials of the energy department, the purchase of imported coal would result in an additional burden of Rs 11000 crore on the already cash-starved power corporation.

Meanwhile, the state energy minister Arvind Sharma has asked the officials of UP Power Generation Corporation Limited (UPPGCL) to use road transport networks for the supply of coal instead of depending on the railway. He said that coal would be transported for UP’s biggest thermal power plant at Anpara through the road. This power plant in UP produces a maximum of 2360 megawatt power every day. The energy minister said that demand for electricity has risen drastically this year. During summer in the previous three years, the peak demand used to be 17000 megawatt, which has risen by more than 5000 megawatt this year. The highest demand for electricity in UP was 23000 megawatt on the last day of April and it is still hovering around it.

According to officials due to the gap in demand in supply the cities, as well as UP, have been facing the worst ever power cuts. In cities, there have been power cuts for 8 to 10 hours every day while only 8 hours of electricity is being supplied to villages instead of 16 hours. At present UP is generating 4300 megawatt from its own thermal plants and its hydro units have been producing 366 megawatt. The state is getting 8500 megawatt per day from the central quota and the private power plants are supplying 6200 megawatt per day. There has been a gap of 3634 megawatt between the demand and supply of electricity in UP at present.

According to the officials in the energy department, there has been the worst ever coal shortage with the generation units in the state. This has affected the generation of 303 million units of electricity in April only. The coal availability status with various power plants in UP has reached to an alarming level. Anpara plant has left with coal for five days only while Obra has for four days and Harduaganj for three days. Officials informed that Anpara Thermal Plant needs 40000 tons of coal every day whereas it is getting 30000 tones while Obra is getting 12500 tones against the daily demand of 15700 tones and Paricha only 15500 tones against the requirement of 19000 tones.

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