2023 seems like exciting year for the beauty and cosmetic industry with a lot of focus

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The year 2023 seems like an exciting year for the beauty and cosmetic industry with a lot of focus on ground-breaking skin care products and novel cosmetic procedures. Following are some trends that are likely to dominate 2023.

Multiuse products: Of late, there has been an increase in interest in multi-purpose products. These products are less time-consuming and potent in healing and protecting the skin. The trend will continue into 2023 as more people will look for a simplified yet effective skincare routine. Products that exfoliate and cleanse are a must. Conditioning Gel Cleanser, for example, gets rid of makeup and impurities whilst working as a natural peel with active ingredients like salicylic and lactic acid, and the Alpha Glow Flash Facial Serum-Primer-Mask acts as a powerful 3-in-1 serum, primer and mask hybrid that mimics the effects of a power facial with regular use.

Skin barrier health: There will be a rise in products that protect the skin layer allowing for moisture to be retained, thus improving skin health. These protecting skin barriers reduce the chance of breakouts, dry skin conditions, and ageing effects. Natural healing ingredients and makeup with hydrating formula are going to rule. For example, tinted sunscreen instead of foundation. 

Skin boosters: These injectable treatments are designed to deliver deep hydration. I’ve seen a big rise in the popularity of skin boosters that stimulate collagen, enhance the health of the skin and smoothen fine lines. This is a hyaluronic acid injectable (think injectable moisturiser) that will deeply hydrate. This means great skin hydration and dewy, glowing skin.

Filler-based treatments: There will be a bigger shift towards injectables. Fillers are dual-purpose injectables, designed not only to treat loss of volume but also to enhance skin quality through collagen stimulation. This means in addition to treating age-related volume loss, patients will benefit from improvements in skin quality and texture, such as crepiness and laxity. The result is all-round rejuvenation for patients, with immediate results that are super long-lasting.

Non-surgical facelift and body lift treatments: These are no downtime procedures which give a natural fresh look over a period of three-four using ultrasound technology. 

IV-based on glutathione therapy: This procedure involves injecting desired nutrients directly into your bloodstream. This helps boost immunity and also helps in lightening the skin tone. 

Fractional CO 2 lasers: This treatment entails the reduction of unsightly scars and stretch marks from the face as well as the whole body.

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