3 white foods that you should avoid for weight loss !!

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White foods - essentially, "bad carbs" like sugar and baked goods made with white flour have been fingered as a culprit in the obesity epidemic. But is it true that one should kiss white foods goodbye if one wants to lose weight and eat healthy? Not all white food is processed, but then, most processed food is white! It’s believed that a majority of white foods that have been processed are unhealthy and should be eliminated from one’s diet, in order to lose weight and get healthier as well.

Here are 3 white foods that you should avoid for weight loss:


1. White bread

One of the primary foods eliminated on the No White Foods Diet is white bread, as well as closely related foods made from white flour, including crackers, pastries, and breakfast cereals. When bread flour is refined, the germ and bran of the grain are removed along with most of the fiber, vitamins, and minerals housed within them during the milling process. This results in a product that’s rich in carbs but lacking in other important nutrients like fiber and protein. Research suggests that a higher intake of white bread is associated with weight gain, which may be partially due to its reduced nutritional value

2. White sugar

Avoid processed sugar because Sugar makes your organs fat, leads to heart disease, increases the levels of unhealthy cholesterol, It disables your appetite control (imbalances your hunger and satiety hormones). Switch to Natural sugar or brown sugar. You can have mishri instead of white processed sugar.

3. White rice

Like white bread and pasta, white rice falls within the category of refined grains. White rice starts out as a whole grain, but the bran and germ are removed during the milling process, which transforms it into the starchy, fluffy white rice you’re probably quite familiar with. White rice is not inherently bad or unhealthy food, but it doesn’t contain much in the way of nutrition apart from calories and carbs. The absence of fiber and protein also makes it very easy to overconsume white rice, which may contribute to weight gain or blood sugar imbalances

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