90 percent of the works of TIDCO houses completed inTDP Govt : Chandra Babu

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TDP National President N. Chandrababu Naidu alleged that under the CM YS Jgan s rule, all people are subjected to suffering and hardship in the state. He stated that people have decided to send him away from the rule in the coming elections. While addressing party leaders meeting at Jaggampeta of Kakinada district on Thursday, Chandrababu pointed out that under the rule of psycho CM the lives of farmers are endangered and brought to ruin in the state. He also pointed out that the CM Jagan government is not able to secure a minimum price for their agriculture products in the state. And thereby they are leading miserable debt-ridden lives 

He also alleged that as aqua farmers are leading unhappy , miserable lives, the Jagan government is not paying any attention to their woes and problems. He stated that during the TD regime , the aqua farmers registered a 30 percent growth and they could export their products to different distant foreign countries. He also alleged that in the merged mandals particularly during the flood period , CM Jagan government woefully failed to provide food and left them in hunger and poverty.

Chandra Babu alleged that during his regime 90 percent of the works of TIDCO houses have been completed whereas in Jagan's government not even 10 percent has been completed in the state. Thousands of people have participated in the meeting. The speeches of Chandrababu in his tour in Kakinada district has caused much enthusiasm and infused confidence in the cadre. There was unprecedented response from the people on arrival of Chandrababu at Jaggampeta.


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