A poor man always a dream of owning a house. Our govt fulfilled his dream : Dharmana


Visakhapatnam: Revenue minister Dharmana Prasada Rao said land grabbers from other regions, out to disturb the tranquility of Srikakulam district, would be brought to book. “Somebody claimed that he was Subba Reddy from Kadapa and purchased lands here. I told him that I will kick you out of this town. Srikakulam is not his ancestors’ property,’’ Dharmana Prasada Rao said, adding that he never knew this man or his political affiliations or his native place.
The minister held an informal meeting with the Vysya community, mostly traders from the town. He told them that the sole intention of the outsiders was to have hegemony over the town which “I will not allow.” Nine out ten houses belonged to outsiders but they never disturbed the peace. Anyone could buy property but their intention of living here should be honest, he said. “People want peace and development. I widened the roads and eased the traffic congestion and brought in good hospitals and schools,’’ the minister said. “A poor man always has a dream of owning a house. Our government fulfilled his dream.” “This government built homes for 20,000 people by spending Rs 500 crore for purchasing private lands. Not only houses, the government was also building townships and colonies for better living of the disadvantaged classes of people,” he added.

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