ABB FIA electrified racing making its historic debut in Hyderabad Today

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HYDERABAD: With ABB FIA Formula E Championship making its historic debut in India on Saturday, Hyderabad is all set to play host to Round 4 of Season 9.

Through the country's first E-Prix, Formula E brings its electrified racing action to the streets of Hyderabad in India for the first time in the series' history. Mahindra Racing will lead the pack at their home race and as the drivers go wheel-to-wheel, fans are enthused for the most electrifying form of motorsport.

Kanthi Dutt, an entrepreneur, who is flying back to Hyderabad after a business meeting in Delhi, was excited to be able to make it just in time. "I love cars and motorsports. Being a strong believer in sustainability as a lifestyle choice, we welcome electric car races with open arms. To see the fastest cars on the streets of Hyderabad is such a dream come true for me," he said just hours before he boarded the flight.

Pranith M., an electric vehicle enthusiast, can’t want to see electric cars being on par with fuel cars in the racing arena. "To watch these cars whiz pass the same routes that we drove in would be so exhilarating," he said.

Several techies are looking forward to what they call the 'perfect start to a great weekend'. Krittika S., an engineer grew up watching Formula 1 races and couldn't be happier when she heard about the electric version of the Formula races. "McLaren and Maserati are my two favourite cars and to watch their electric versions in action on Saturday would be such an experience. I also hope this race would help bolster several decisions with renewable energy proving to be just as good, or much better, than depleting sources."

Lokesh S.P., who is visiting Hyderabad from Chennai for the race, is excited to watch these 'giants' race through the middle of a city. "I had been looking forward to this for two years since its announcement and I'm glad it's finally happening," Lokesh said.

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