AQIS, Al-Qaeda affiliate terror group threatened of carrying suicide attacks in India to avenge

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Terrorist organisation Al-Qaeda's affiliate AQIS (Al Al-Qaeda in Indian subcontinent) has warned of suicide attacks in the country to target Hindus in order to avenge the insult of the Prophet. The terror group in a letter on social media has threatened attacks against Hindus.

In the letter, the terror group has threatened to kill every person in suicide attacks who speaks against the Prophet.

Al-Qaeda has alleged Hindus as terrorists who have captured the Indian land while calling themselves as fighters for the dignity of the Prophet.

Even your Army won't be able to protect you, warns Al-Qaeda 

Further in the letter, Al-Qaeda said that they will ask others to fight for them and kill those people who insult their Prophet.

"We will tie bombs to our and children's bodies to blast those who speak ill about our Prophet," the letter said.

The terror group has clearly mentioned in the letter, "Saffron terrorists must now wait for their end in Delhi, Mumbai, UP, and Gujarat. Such people will neither be able to stay safe in their home nor their army will be able to protect them."

Letter talks about Ghazwa-e-Hind

The letter mentioned the controversial remarks made by an ex-BJP spokesperson on Prophet Mohammad during a TV debate.

The letter also mentions about reminding people in the subcontinent that their Prophet has already told them about the war of India (Gazwa-e-Hind) and predicted the victory of Muslims in this war.

"...we will bring a wave of death and destruction to the rulers of India, and they will be crucified, imprisoned and chained," it said.

Security agencies investigating the letter

At present, the security agencies are investigating this letter issued on social media. Agencies are trying to find out who has uploaded it on social media. AQIS, an affiliate of Al- Qaeda and a terrorist group operating in Afghanistan, has its eyes on India, and the UN warned in its latest report that the organization changed the name of its magazine from 'Nawa-e-Afghan Jihad' to 'Nawa- E-Ghazwa-e-Hind. In such a scenario, it is believed that this terrorist group can increase its activities in India

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