Ageing clocks due to Sadness, loneliness speed up !!

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A study found that the onset of molecular damage makes age-related weakness and serious diseases worse. Some people age more quickly than others due to their molecular processes being more intensive.

Fortunately, employing computational models of ageing can help identify the accelerated rate of ageing before its devastating effects become apparent (ageing clocks). These models can be used to generate anti-ageing treatments for both individuals and populations.

The authors of the article concluded that the psychological aspect of ageing should not be neglected either in research or in practical anti-ageing applications. According to Manuel Faria from Stanford University: "Mental and psychosocial states are some of the most robust predictors of health outcomes -- and quality of life -- yet they have largely been omitted from modern healthcare".

The study offers a plan of action to "slow down or perhaps reverse psychological ageing on a national scale," according to Alex Zhavoronkov, CEO of Insilico Medicine.

An AI-guided mental health web service called FuturSelf.AI, which Deep Longevity introduced earlier this year, is based on an earlier article from Aging-US. The service gives a free psychological evaluation that is handled by AI and generates a detailed report on a user's psychological age as well as their present and future mental health. "FuturSelf.AI, in combination with the study of older Chinese adults, positions Deep Longevity at the forefront of biogerontological research," says Deepankar Nayak, CEO of Deep Longevity

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