April Fool s Day Try some of the hilarious and fun pranks


True to the name, April Fool's Day is celebrated on April 1 every year. On this day, you prank someone and laugh it out (hopefully along with the one who is pranked). Are you tired of the boring pranks? Try some of the hilarious and fun pranks to do with your family and friends this April Fool's Day.

The Dandruff Prank

It is a very funny and realistic way of pranking someone. Take a hand full of salt and put it in their hair while they are asleep. After pouring all the salt into their hair, scratch their head slowly to evenly spread the salt, making sure not to wake them up during the process. After it is evenly spread onto their scalp, wake them up saying they have so much dandruff in their hair. They will wake up starching their head and find salt in their hair, after which you can say Happy April Fool Day to them.

Replace Salt with Sugar

Replacing salt with sugar is a very traditional way of pranking your family. Replace the salt container with the sugar container. The person cooking the food will unconsciously put sugar instead of salt. Your family will be served with a sweet delight instead of salty food. While eating the food, they'll be surprised by the sweet taste, and you can say they were April Fooled. Hopefully, you won't have to complete the pending meal!

Gift Box Prank


Take a big empty box and decorate it with a gift wrapping paper. Keep a note inside saying, "You were Fooled, Happy April Food Day!" and wrap the box. Keep the empty gift box outside your neighbor's door and ring the bell. You all know what's happening next, right?

Oreo Toothpaste


Take a packet of Oreo and remove the Oreo cream. Replace the cream with white toothpaste. Offer the Oreo biscuit to your siblings or friends; after taking a bite of it they taste the toothpaste, to which you can laugh out saying April Fool to them. (Disclaimer: Do Not Try This With Children)

Fake Remote Batteries

Replace your remote batteries with fake or dead batteries. The person using the remote while watching television won't be able to change the channel. You can sit and laugh at them while they are struggling to fix the remote. (Make sure you have your favourite channel on before pulling off this prank

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