Awareness on the ill-effects of alcohol consumption needs to be instilled right from childhood.

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Alcohol abuse is the major cause of increase in liver disorders in the country, experts pointed out at the second edition of the India Liver Health Summit organised on Wednesday.

The summit was organised by the health think tank, Integrated Health and Wellbeing Council and Institute of Liver and Biliary Science (ILBS Delhi 

The experts also highlighted the role of regular health check-ups coupled with awareness on the significance of healthy liver on overall health as the need of the hour.

While discussing the impact of alcohol abuse on liver, Dr S K Sarin, Professor and Chancellor, ILBS pointed out, “Almost half of the patients who come to us with liver disorders are those who have alcohol addiction.” He further added, “Binge drinking should be avoided and the role of family and society is very important in this regard. Also, awareness on the ill-effects of alcohol consumption needs to be instilled right from childhood.” The event was organised to commemorate World Liver Day, a day observed worldwide to create awareness on the significance of a healthy liver and initiate lifestyle changes to achieve it.

The day also witnessed the launch of Play-Safe, a joint initiative of IHW Council and ILBS, to enhance societal and family support and awareness to protect liver from alcohol abuse especially amongst the youth.

The campaign launch featured participation from an array of speakers, including Noble Laureate Kailash Satyarthi who emphasised that children should be used as ambassadors for motivating their family members to abstain from alcohol use.

He also added, “Alcoholism leads to sexual abuse of children and many other vices in the society resulting in a vicious circle that needs to end. Doctors, religious leaders and the media should come together to create awareness on the negative impact of alcohol consumption.” The launch was followed by a pledge to motivate youngsters to abstain from alcohol addiction and create awareness on the same 

While taking part in the discussion Kamal Narayan, CEO of IHW Council, observed that all relevant stakeholders, including the pharma industry, government and nephrologists, need to come together for integrated liver health management instead of working in silos

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