BR Ambedkar is a system who fought for equal rights for all


Annihilation of Caste is an account of the belief that social reform has to take precedence over political and religious reform, providing instances of the tyranny practised by upper-caste Hindus on the untouchable community of India: DR BR Ambedkar

When the king begins to believe hearsay, the kingdom begins to go astray. It is pointless to point fingers at someone. Prawns are disappearing from the basket where everyone is vegetarian. They pose for pictures before an incident as if they're both the creator and the creation. They can express themselves through video. When the incident occurs, they declare themselves not responsible with a small announcement; the same pattern appears to be repeated here.

Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of democracy must consider what the events in Amalapuram indicate. What are protests, destruction, and police attacks teaching our society? Doubts are emerging... Is the government even capable of preventing such attacks? DR. BR Ambedkar is a system, not just a person. It is unfortunate that this is not recognised. Ambedkar fought against caste discrimination, oppression, and superiority, but he did not work solely for one caste. If Ambedkar fought for the rights of a specific caste, why did he fight for the rights of Scheduled Tribes? Why did he fight for the establishment of a BC Commission to grant BCs reservations? When the leaders escaped by claiming that the BC census had not been taken, he ensured that BCs received reservations by inserting Article 340 into the Constitution. Even people from the Reddy, Kamma, and Kapu castes used to face caste discrimination. They have now transcended caste discrimination as a result of Baba Saheb's anti-caste discrimination legislation. Ambedkar was the driving force behind today's property rights and other equal rights for women of all castes. This right benefited the women of the dominant castes the most. This is because the backward castes who worked as labor had no assets to pass on to their children. Ambedkar belongs to everyone. Those who understand his ideals cannot help but love him.

Konaseema is fortunate to have been given the name of such a great personality. Even after the district has been named at the request of the district's leaders, masked men wreaking havoc is an indication of how they perceive that social class in the district. How many people should perish in a play staged by politically disguised anarchist forces? Is this arrogance of the caste? Religious conceit? What is the name of this event...? To what extent is mass experimentation justified for the sake of power politics? Why did the "insurmountable fires" erupt now?  After Nellore district was renamed Potti Sriramulu, Kadapa as YSR, Annamayya Prakasam as Prakasam Panthulu, Tirupati as Balaji, Godavari district as Alluri Sitaramaraj, and Krishna as NTR, there was peace.  Why should the name of a genius who changed the lives of 130 crore people, a world genius, a genius who gave this country direction, cause havoc? As soon as Konaseema was given the name of the great man who gave us a Constitution unlike any other country's, rioters set fire to private property, particularly the Dalit Minister's house, for political gain. The reason could be that they believe that harming dalits will have no serious consequences. There is concern that if the government and police do not take the incident seriously now, more misery will follow in the near future. I must say that you have clearly revealed to the world your hatred for Ambedkar and Dalits. The idea of burning alive the families of a government minister and an MLA demonstrates how strategic it is. The idea of ​​burning alive the family of a government minister and the family of an MLA shows how strategic it is. The general consensus is that police, intelligence, and special branch officers should consider where the common man would be protected if they themselves were not protected. Hundreds of young people stormed the area where Section 144 was in effect and set fire to MPs' homes. Is it really that simple to attack the homes of the original ministers and MLAs? While Section 144 is in effect, ministers and MLAs are being pelted with litres of gasoline. NGOs rush to the roads. Gather millions of people. They get their wish. Hundreds of police officers will also be present. Stones are also thrown at them. The conspiracy may never be exposed. That is the political situation here. No leader ever responds to the cries of the oppressed. Even if they respond, it will only be for 10 days at most. It is clear that there is a huge conspiracy behind the Konaseema riots. It's a sign of something. On social media platforms, some social caste elders are issuing warnings. It's an indication of something. The truth is that respect for the law will be established in society only if, based on the CC footage available at the scene of the incident, SC and ST atrocity cases are registered against the perpetrators of the attack, they are deported, and rowdy sheets are registered. Public associations are calling for the arrest of those who instigated these nefarious forces. Whether or not that is possible is an open question. After the district was named after Ambedkar, political parties should be ashamed of such a deliberate unfortunate incident. Changing the name of a district has no effect on its boundaries. On this day, if they had fought for our oil to flow from Konaseema's womb to neighbouring states via the pipeline, we would have seen significant economic, social, and geographical development.


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