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Marriage is a lovely connection. As there are seven rounds in marriage, why there are seven rounds? Each round has its own meaning, its own logic and we bind ourselves within those words. If you understand, there is a meaning to this Number 7, like there are Seven Seas, seven continents, seven heavens, there are seven hell, so if you believe those seven rounds, you can enter those seven havens and if you do not believe, you can also enter those seven Hells that will make your marriage like hell, which is quite torturous and depressing. However, no one intends to do that, rather we all want to keep the spark in our marriage alive. Ontologist and Relationship Expert Aashmeen Munjaal, the Founder of Shukrana Gratitude Foundation suggests seven tips for happy married life 

Respect each other: The law of attraction says, what goes around, comes around. But you need to give in order to achieve the thing you want. The law that follows on this earth is that first, you will have to give and then you will get. So, if you want respect, then you need to give respect first to everyone, the more respect you give, the more you will get in return! Similarly, if you want love, you need to give love.

Be grateful for being in the marriage Be thankful for the reason you got married, maybe you like his nature, maybe you like his family, maybe you like his figure. If the reason for getting married is society or your family, then whatever the reason, always remember the reason and be thankful that today you are very grateful to your wife because of which you can live in your society respectfully, or if you got married because of your family, then you are very happy for your parents that you married their favorite girl. So whatever reason you are getting married, be thankful for that reason, and you will live a happy married life. Because that will be the foundation of a lifelong marital life.

Be sexually active  Sex plays a huge role in a relationship. Why do we marry?  Perhaps to have children, for a long life partner, love, for Social Security, for whatever reason, be grateful for it. the thought we have while in intimacy affect our normal daily life, if you are adjusting while having sex, then your martial life will be adjusting, if you are being adventurous while having sex, your partner will be adventurous in your relationship, so the emotions play a major role here. Always be grateful for what you have. While intimacy supposes the wife is very courageous or she is very cooperative then in their relationship the man will be very cooperative and courageous. Respecting each other during sex, respecting feelings, and understanding each other will directly impact your relationship. Everything you do and feel during intimacy has a direct impact on your partner.

Complement your partner There is a very good thing in married life, a sense of gratitude. If your wife cooks a delicious breakfast for you, say thank you to her, and appreciate her, Appreciation is one of the keys to having a blissful life. In the same way, your husband put the wet towel in the sunlight to dry up the towel, you can say, Wow, so helpful you are!! Then he brought the vegetables for dinner, and say thank you. We ignore appreciating small things, but the more chances you find to appreciate them, the more you will see that your life remains blissful 

Respect the efforts Everyone likes to hear praise for their hard work: if your wife cooked something good, tell them that you like their hand food. If your husband put the towel dry, or brought the vegetables and helped you, praise him. We normally ignore these little things, but the more you find reasons to praise your partner, the happier your life will become 

Spend time together and communicate Make a to-do list in your marriage life - schedule your time - time to spend time with your spare time, time for these laws, time for yourself, invest at least one hour a day on your married life - you can go to the park, go to a temple or gurudwara, go to a movie, whatever your choice, either take out weekly time, or take time in a month, go on holiday, or spend quality time in a beautiful place, and meet each other on that date. Tell them what you like and what not. Communicating is everything. , be happy, thank you! The most crucial tip of married life is that every single complement takes ten steps back from making your relationship happy 

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