Black seed oil a part of your diet, it is possible to maintain vitality and youthfulness !!

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Naturopathy or treatment of medical problems through usage of plants and botanicals has been in vogue since ancient times. Today, as the world is recovering from the pandemic and dealing with countless other health challenges, there is a tremendous focus and rise in demand for clean, plant-based, and sustainable health solutions that benefit humans and environment alike 

This is where the flowering plant Nigella sativa, native to Southeast Europe, Middle East, and Northern Africa, has rapidly gained popularity as a catalyst to healthy ageing. Both traditional beliefs and scientific research have backed the fact that there are various health benefits offered by the seeds of Nigella sativa, which is commonly known as black seed in English and Kalonji in Hindi. Black seed has emerged as one of the most effective nature-based cures for a multitude of health issues. These include skin and hair health, diabetes management, and weight loss etc. We got in touch with Puneet Sood, country manager of Blackmores to know more about the benefits of black seed oil.

Beauty and skin care

There are several benefits of using black seed oil for beauty and skin care, nutrition and anti-aging qualities. The reason this oil is so beneficial is that it contains a unique mixture of chemical components. These seeds contain a lot of fatty acids and various fixed as well as essential oils. The highly active components of these essential oils are in turn made of a mixture of highly active compounds such as thymoquinone (TQ).

Clear symptoms of eczema

Studies have found that black seed oil could treat the symptoms of eczema when applied topically twice daily. Black seed oil can also promote wound healing and protect against harmful bacteria. This could potentially help prevent skin infections associated with eczema.

Help treat psoriasis

The inflammatory conditions characterised by scaly red patches on the skin can be cured by black seed oil. A study showed that black seed oil when combined with olive oil, tea tree oil, cocoa butter and vitamins A and B 12 can help treat psoriasis

Reduce acne

The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties associated with black seed oil can treat acne issues when you apply twice daily.

Can support hair health

Due to its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, black seed oil is often added to hair care products, including hair masks and shampoos. Studies have also found that mixing black seed oil with coconut oil can increase hair growth when applied on the scalp.

Could support in the treatment of vitiligo

Some research suggest that black seed oil could be beneficial to treat vitiligo, a disorder that causes loss of pigmentation in the skin. If used daily, the oil can reduce the size of vitiligo lesions on the arms, trunk, head, and neck.

With these skin benefits, black seed oil can make a person continue looking and feeling good, healthy, vibrant and younger. The anti-inflammatory benefits of black seed oil can improve scalp health by reducing dryness and flakiness of skin or damage to hair follicles.

Ensure to buy a quality black seed oil

However, one of the basic and most important things about black seed oil is that the consistency of its benefits is directly dependent upon the quality of seeds and the process used in the manufacturing of black seed oil. To get the best outcomes, it is important to buy black seed oil from a reputed brand that has ample experience of formulating nature-based healthcare solutions with consistency of quality.

A great product would be one that uses authentic seeds sourced from regions like west Asia or North Africa etc. There are brands that deploy cold-press extraction process to preserve the goodness of the seeds, and protect them in a capsule. Subsequently, the oil gets transferred to amber glass bottles that can prevent light and heat from adversely affecting the quality of the oil.

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