Bombay High Court allowed a congregation of 100 persons for Muharram procession.

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Mumbai: In a relief to the Shia sect of the Muslim community, the Bombay High Court on Tuesday allowed a congregation of not more than 100 persons in the city for the Muharram procession. The bench of Justices Kamalkishor Tated and Prithviraj Chavan has said these 100 people would participate in the procession along with seven trucks, which would have the Tazias.

The bench was hearing a petition filed by the All India Idaara-E-Tahafuz-E-Hussainiyat through advocate Asif Naqvi, seeking permission for 1000 persons to participate in the procession from August 18-20, two hours a day.

The petition challenged the August 9 guidelines stating the same are arbitrary denying the Shia sect to perform and complete their mourning rituals and Alam, Tazia, Taboot, Jhoola, Mehndi are decorated at home and Imambargahs and cooled down in Kabrastan which are continued for centuries.

According to the plea, the Alams, Tazias, Taboot, Jhoola and Mehndi are cooled down in the Kabristan and are integral parts of Shia Muslim religion.

A Tazia is a replica of a mausoleum of Imam Husain and it is cooled down by burying it at a Kabristan.

As per the bench's order, 15 persons per truck and 7 such trucks will be allowed to participate in the procession. These trucks will have only 5 Tazias installed upon them.

The bench has allowed only fully vaccinated persons, (who have completed 14 days after their second dose) to board these trucks. Also, only 25 persons will be allowed to go inside the cemetery.

Notably, last year, the HC had allowed only seven persons (including truck driver and videographer) to participate in the procession, which was carried out on only a single truck.

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