Christmas 2022 Celebration : PM Modi AP CM YS Jagan TS CM KCR Extends Greetings on Christmas

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World Is Celebrating Christmas Festival: The entire world has been illuminated with seasonal cheer as Christmas arrives. People are ready to greet the new year in the proper holiday spirit! According to popular belief, the first Christmas occurred on the day Jesus Christ was born. True, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ during Christmas, but Christians previously recognised Easter as their principal holiday.

Christmas is a spectacular and extravagant occasion. It is believed that God sent his son to protect and prevent humanity from committing significant sins. On this day, people attend church and decorate their Christmas trees.

PM Modi Extends His Greetings, Recalls Emphasis On Serving Society

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Telangan Chief Minister KCR extended greetings on the occassion of Christmas. Taking to Twitter, Modi said, "Merry Christmas! May this special day further the spirit of harmony and joy in our society. We recall the noble thoughts of Lord Christ and the emphasis on serving society."

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