Christmas 2023: Decorating Christmas Tree With Non- Traditional Colours


Make your Christmas decorations special with fun and unique ideas. If you like playful characters, music, or unique twists like putting the tree upside-down, we have got you covered. In addition to that, you can also mix themes, colours, and textures to make a tree that shows off who you are and brings happiness during the festivals. Here are some tips shared by experts that can turn your Christmas tree into a beautiful centerpiece that brings the magic of holidays to your home with lots of style and excitement.

Decorating Christmas Tree With Non- Traditional Colours:

Raghunandan Saraf, who is the Founder and CEO of Saraf Furniture talked about decorating the Christmas tree with nontraditional colours to give a new look to the age old tradition.


He said "You can give a special look to your Christmas tree by picking a theme that shows what you like. It could be rustic, like the outdoors, a snowy wonderland, or even something from your favourite movie. This themed-tree will look all the more charming if you choose ornaments, lights, and ribbons to match up with it. Try using different colours than the usual red and green, like soft pastels or shiny metallics to get a modern look. In addition, you can also use different textures, mix shiny ornaments with dull ones and add natural things like pinecones or bows made of burlap."

Add Tiny LED Candles And Other DIY Decors:

Ridhima Kansal, who is the Director of Rosemoore said, "You can make your tree feel cozy and fancy by adding tiny candle ornaments or clip-on candle lights. Choose LED candles for safety and arrange them carefully among the branches to make your tree glow warmly, like real candles. This classic idea gives your tree a vintage charm, making it feel magical and delightful. To complete the look, try pairing this with simple, neutral-coloured ornaments. For an extra special touch, make the decorations yourself. Get creative with DIY ornaments like personalised photo baubles or easy paper snowflakes. Crafting these homemade decorations adds a warm and sentimental feeling to your tree, making it unique and filled with your personal touch."

The Upside-Down Elegance:

Give your Christmas decor a unique twist with Upside-Down Elegance. Instead of the usual, flip tradition of choosing an upside-down Christmas tree, this unconventional option not only saves space but also turns heads with its distinctive and eye-catching display.


Saumitra Singh, who is the Managing Director at The Tigress Resort and Spa, Ranthambore said, "Decorate it with lightweight ornaments, letting gravity create a magical effect. For a touch of modern enchantment, consider 'Glowing Globes'. Turn your Christmas tree into a celestial wonder by adding battery-operated or LED light globes in different sizes and colours as ornaments. These glowing globes cast a soft and magical light, creating an ethereal atmosphere around the tree. It's a contemporary and delightful twist that adds a sense of wonder to your holiday decorations." 

Opt For Quirky Character Ornaments:

Tejpal Singh Shekhawat, who is the Founder and CEO of Kalyanam Furniture suggested something very creative saying that if there are kids around, for a playful and child-friendly touch, one can go for "quirky character ornaments."


"These fun figures like tiny bicycles, cute animals, or movie characters will make the tree extra special for them. If you're a music lover and want your Christmas tree to reflect your identity, choose 'Musical Medley'. Hang small instruments and add musical notes throughout the tree. This musical-theme brings a touch of sophistication and a lively, harmonious spirit to your holiday decor. It's a perfect choice to showcase your love for music and add a rhythmic flair to your festive decorations."


Styling your Christmas tree like a pro doesn't have to be complicated. With a touch of creativity, you can transform your Christmas decor into a unique and joyous expression of your personality. 


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