Custard apple is a rich source of Vitamin B production of dopamine in the body.


Custard Apple is also known as Sharifa, Cherimoya, and Sugar Apple. Consumption of Custard Apple can improve many deficiencies in a person's physical health to some extent. Custard apple is a rich source of Vitamin B, which increases the production of dopamine in the body. There are several other benefits of superfood Sharifa, learn about them here.

Benefits of Custard Apple


High oxidative stress can cause chronic diseases like cancer, heart problems, etc. Custard apple contains powerful compounds like kaurenoic acid, vitamin C flavonoids, and carotenoids, which can help in reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

Controls blood pressure

Potassium and magnesium are found in abundance in Custard apples. They are present in blood vessels which help in reducing high blood pressure. Apart from this, custard apple helps in maintaining a healthy heart, reduces high cholesterol levels, and prevents cardiovascular diseases like stroke, heart attack, etc.

Improves digestion

Sitaphal or custard apple has high fiber content which helps manage digestive problems like constipation and diarrhea. The fatty acids present in this fruit protect the digestive system from diseases like inflammation and also provide energy to the body.

Reduces cholesterol

If cholesterol levels increase unnecessarily, it can be harmful to health. Custard apples can be used to maintain a balanced cholesterol level. Niacin vitamin is found in it. Consumption of niacin vitamin can help people protect themselves from heart disease, stroke, and heart attack by balancing cholesterol levels.

Cures anemia

The benefits of eating custard apples can also be seen to prevent anemia. Anemia is a medical condition, sometimes it can also be caused by folate deficiency. The consumption of folate-rich custard apple can be beneficial to prevent the risk of folate deficiency and anemia. According to doctors, Custard Apples also contains Vitamin C, which can help in the absorption of iron. So, when custard apple is consumed in the diet along with other food items, it can help absorb the iron present in other food items in the body. 

Helps in gaining weight

If someone is troubled by his weight, then Sitaphal can help in this situation. Custard Apples can be used as a better energy source fruit, which can help in weight gain. Keep in mind that along with custard apple, it is also important to pay attention to other diets and regular exercise.

Provides relief to Asthma patients 

Asthma is a medical condition that occurs due to inflammation. The use of custard apples can provide relief to some extent. It is a fruit with excellent anti-inflammatory properties. According to a scientific study, anti-inflammatory action can help reduce the risk of asthma

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