DMK platform speaker Sivaji Krishnamurthy, making derogatory remarks against Khushbu arrested.


DMK platform speaker Sivaji Krishnamurthy, whom actor and BJP leader Khushbu Sundar accused of making derogatory remarks about her, was promptly dismissed from the party and subsequently arrested on Sunday.

Sundar, a member of the National Commission for Women (NCW), criticized the DMK for harboring individuals who demean women, as she shared a video of Krishnamurthy's purported offensive comments against her.

Sundar's emotional response during a press conference further highlighted the seriousness of the issue.

BJP's Reaction and Arrest

BJP TN chief K Annamalai also denounced Krishnamurthy's remarks, sharing a video clip where he allegedly made objectionable comments about TN Governor RN Ravi.

The ruling DMK, responding to the controversy raised by Sundar on Twitter and in the press conference, announced Krishnamurthy's expulsion from the party on grounds of indiscipline and bringing disrepute to its name.

Subsequently, he was arrested by the police under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including "intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace."

Sundar's Criticism and Support for Women

Khushbu Sundar voiced her concerns about the poor treatment of women by political parties in general and spoke on behalf of all women.

She called out the DMK for nurturing individuals like Krishnamurthy, stating that it was not just an attack on a BJP woman leader but an attack on women as a whole.

Sundar assured women that she and the NCW would stand up for them, urging them not to be afraid. She also criticized the DMK's claim of inclusive and development-oriented governance, highlighting the irony of their actions.

Dismissal and Suspension Revoked

After facing criticism from the BJP, Sivaji Krishnamurthy was dismissed from the party. DMK general secretary Duraimurugan announced his expulsion from all party posts, including revoking his primary membership, citing his violation of party discipline and bringing disrepute to the party.

Krishnamurthy had previously been suspended following his controversial statements about Governor Ravi, but the suspension was lifted after he issued an apology. 

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