Defeat of YSRC government in the 2024 elections : Chandra Babu


Visakhapatnam: Telugu Desam chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu has said the defeat of YSRC government in the 2024 elections is inevitable and none can stop his party from winning power in the coming Assembly polls.

Addressing a road show at Kotturu in Srikakulam district after visiting the irrigation projects over Vamsadhara and Nagavali on Thursday, Naidu said the people were fed up with the YSRC government.

Claiming that much of the works on Vamsadhara were completed during his term, Naidu said his government gave a compensation of `5 lakh per acre to each family when land was acquired from them for the project. CM Jagan Mohan Reddy made big promises but failed to pay them, he said.

Naidu promised them to pay suitable compensation if he is voted back to power.

Appealing to the youth to support TD, Naidu promised to create 20 lakh jobs and give a stipend of Rs 3,000 per month to each of the unemployed.

He also promised Rs 20,000 to farmers under `Anna Datha’, Rs 15,000 to all the children under Talliki Vandanam, three free cooking gas cylinders to every BPL family and free transport to women.

Giving an account of sops he gave during his term, the TD chief condemned the filing of an attempt-to- murder case against him.

Stating that not a single irrigation project was completed under the YSRC government, Naidu challenged Jagan Mohan Reddy to compare the funds he had spent on the irrigation projects with the money the YSRC government spent so far.

"I will complete the Vamsadhara-Nagavali link project soon after coming to power,’’ he assured the crowd.

He said prices of essential commodities skyrocketed under the present government’s term. So were the power charges. Promising to reduce the power tariff, Naidu said power produced by solar, hydel and wind energy could be given at Rs 2 a unit for domestic consumers.

The present government could not give jobs and not even one DSC was announced. The government also failed to establish any industry. If TD is voted to power, many investors would put their money in the state, he said, adding that many more jobs would be created.

Meanwhile, rebel YSRC MLA from Tadikonda Vundavalli Sridevi met Chandrababu at Srikakulam and spent an hour with him. According to sources both the leaders discussed some key issues pertaining to the state.

Talking to the media after meeting Naidu, Sridevi said Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh supported her when she was having difficult times. She said the YSRC goons attacked her and Disha was no use for her.

"I am feeling insecure, I am living in Telangana for safety. I also asked Chandrababu Naidu for protection,’’ she said.

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