Dried fruits can help you kill hungry but fresh fruits best to give you a long-lasting full tummy

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Nuts and dried fruits can be easily incorporated into meals and snacks, reducing the amount of time we need to devote to them. Nowadays, many carry dried fruits in their dabba instead of consuming pulpy fresh fruits. When you compare fresh and dried fruits, it’s great to make use of the standard serving sizes, which are 1 cup of fresh fruit and ¼ cup of dried fruit, reported.

Fasting tip

Fresh fruits vs dry fruits? Dried fruits can help you kill hungry for a while, but fresh fruits are the best to give you a long-lasting full tummy. You may know people who skip meals and survive consuming sheer fruits. Though starving or choosing alternatives for a balanced diet like roti-sabzi or dal rice isn't recommended, fruits can be used as a complement and not a stand-alone one. To break your break, you must prefer fresh fruits rather than light-filling cashews or raisins 

Skin secret

Dehydration is one of the most prevalent reasons for dull skin and body fatigue. Fresh fruits are surely an energy booster as they are filled with water content. When one consumes a combination of minimal dried fruits and whole fresh fruit, they unlock their well-being.

Avoid digestion problems

Dried fruits are known and relished for their fiber content and antioxidant properties. It is believed that the earlier is more fiber-rich than the equal-sized plate of fresh fruits. Experts endorse the easily available range of dry fruits to rule out digestive problems. If you are looking for ways to not only soothe the digestive system but also prevent obesity, fresh fruits can't go unpicked.

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