Drinking water at the right time overcome obesity, headache and digestion !!

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Everyone drinks water, but do you know the right way? The time intervals in which you drink water and the way you drink it leaves a big impact on your health. Most of our body contains water, but did you know that by drinking water at the right time, you can overcome many problems including obesity, headache and digestion. Dr. Umesh Kumar Sharma who is Senior Consultant in Nephrology shares benefits of drinking water and the correct time.

Why is it necessary to drink water?

By drinking less water, we become a victim of dehydration, which damages our organs. The possibility of frequent hospitalisations increases for elderly people who drink less water. So it is very crucial to know the correct amount of water intake. 

How much water should you drink?

According to the doctor, there is no fixed quantity of water that should be consumed. It can be more or less according to the time, place, season. The doctor advises that you should always keep a water bottle near your hand, so that you can drink water whenever you feel thirsty. You do not need to drink 3-4 glasses of water at once, keep drinking it in every few hours.

In what amount should you consume water as soon as you wake up?

The doctor shares that there is a lack of water in the body overnight, so at least one glass of water should be consumed in the morning as soon as you wake up otherwise the blood becomes thick and it can lead to heart attack.

Drink water even during workout

The doctor says because we sweat a lot while exercising, it is essential to keep drinking some water both during and after the workout.

Should you not drink water while standing?

It is assumed that water should not be consumed while standing and should be taken like food. However, the doctor bursts the myth and shares that it is not a proven fact. He shares that while running in a marathon, runners drink water even while running. He stresses that while drinking water, keep in mind that drinking in a rush can bring complications.

Drink hot water or cold?

The doctor advises to drink water at room temperature year-round, even in the summer. Undoubtedly, cold water from the refrigerator is harmful. You can drink lukewarm water during the winter.

When you should NOT drink water?

According to the doctor, fruits have a lot of water, so it shouldn't be consumed after eating them. In the same way, drinking water is not advised even after eating rice because rice absorbs a lot of water when it is prepared. After taking a break of 30 minutes, you can consume water

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