Dulha Dulhan course also known as pre-marriage and post-marriage training course !!

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Have you ever been trained to be an ideal wife or husband? Well a new course ‘Dulha Dulhan course’ also known as pre-marriage and post-marriage training course has been raising eyebrows given the syllabus it offers.

Topics like mistakes by a husband, basic needs of a wife, dos and don’ts, how one can be an ideal husband/wife, foolish expectations in a marriage, how to win your husband and more are among several such topics that figure in the course.

All the topics will be covered in 15 45-minute sessions against a fee of Rs 5,000 

Ironically, the course is also open to in-laws, who will especially ‘taught’ ways to welcome the daughter-in-law without judging her and not pressuring her to give birth to a child soon.

“The training focuses on giving importance to personal life and not just career. Nobody can change traditions. Even if our in-laws are not behaving well with us or are not very open, we need to continue serving them. I have treated a case of a 70 plus couple,” said Mohd Iliyas, who has ‘trained’ over 1200 people since starting the course in 2017.

After the poster went viral on social media, he has been receiving at least 100 calls per day by people wanting to join the course, he pointed out. He also believes that a happy marriage needs to have fights as too much of happiness can make a person go mad.

However, those who have been married for over 25 years think this is an absurd course. “It is a shame that today’s generation needs a course like this. We never felt a need for such a course” said a couple who has been married for over 30 years.

A newly married couple felt that a course cannot change the behaviour of in-laws.

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