Easy way to reduce belly fat? Take a look at these 5 exercises that you can do at home

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Having some fat is normal as it protects and insulates the body. However, excess fat is not just harmful to your health, but can also give rise to several chronic diseases. In women, most of the fat is around the waist, lower abdomen and hips. And reducing them is challenging but not impossible. With some regular exercises, one can easily get rid of those stubborn belly fat. However, not all women have enough budget or time to hit the gym.

So here we are with some quick exercises wherein you don't need any equipment and can do from the comforts of your home. However, you will be required a yoga mat or thick bed sheet.

Before scrolling down, keep the following things in mind:

- In the beginning, do these 5 exercises once or twice a day to bring your body in motion. After a week, try hitting 3 or 5 sets.

- Reducing belly fat is not easy, so don't expect that in a month you will achieve the goal. After a month of regular exercise, you can start seeing slight positive changes in your body. To achieve the perfect body, continue exercising for at least two and three months. These exercises will not only help you in reducing belly fats but will also fats around your waist and give perfect shape to your hips.

1. In this exercise, lie down on your back and try to get up, stretching out your arms to touch the toes.

2. Lie flat on the yoga mat, raise your hands and legs upwards and try to touch your right toe with the left hand and left toe with the right hand alternatively.

3. Lie down on the mat and raise your legs upwards. Now, fold your legs in mid-air keep them near the hips. Next, join both hands and try to get up without any support.

4     try to touch the knees.

5.Get into plank position. Now move the hips first to the right then to the left.

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