Eating Seasonal Foods Not Expensive easily switch to a healthy lifestyle


Have you ever wondered why your grandma and ancestors never adapted to any food culture other than traditional Indian foods?

Indian foods have time and again proven to not only have the necessary nutrients and minerals but they are also flavourful and easy to prepare. Moreover, the spices that we use during cooking in every other Indian household contain medicinal properties that strengthen immunity right from childhood.

With the growing trend of people choosing a healthy lifestyle post-COVID, there are a few misconceptions. Let's clear them up.

Eating Healthy Is Not Expensive

Often, people assume that the only healthy foods they can consume are either a salad made of avocados or steamed artichokes with a side of hummus dip. Though there is no doubt that these foods are every bit healthy, they are not economically friendly for everybody.

When you come across the nutrient content of these foods, you will be surprised to know that there are already fruits and vegetables that are easily available to you locally and they contain the same nutrients and are probably packed with more fiber. Seasonal foods are even more delicious.

India is a diverse country where different cultures, seasons and foods are available. Try consuming vegetables and fruits that are available in your local native language. Seasonal, local foods are nutritious and they will definitely help you elevate your healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Is Not Difficult To Look For

If you visit any nearby vegetable market, you will find a variety of greens, fruits and vegetables that are richly packed with all the essential nutrients your body requires. If you are trying to avoid gluten, instead of buying expensive gluten-free breads, you can simply go for millet flours such as ragi. Every healthy food you're looking for already exists around you. You just need to get to know them.

Did you know moringa (often known as drumsticks) has anti-carcinogenic properties? You have probably been consuming moringa every time you have Sambhar


Eat Local And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

When you place an order for foods that are not grown in your locality, they have to be transported from far away. Sometimes even imported. Imagine the fuel and plastic being used to transport them all the way to your home. Buying and eating local foods will not only reduce your carbon footprint but will also help you economically contribute to the farmers who grow these vegetables and fruits with great hardships.

There are multiple health benefits to consuming local and seasonal foods. You can easily switch to a healthy lifestyle by going local and it will definitely be your best decision.

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