Energy savings achieved through use of BLDC fans can result in cost savings for the govts, electricity bills.:EELS


⦁    Under the leadership of PM, India adopted the LED lights in UJALA program which have made a huge impact on energy savings and carbon mitigation—CEO EESL

 In a bid to reduce energy consumption by promoting energy efficiency, the Energy Efficiency Services Limited(EESL), a joint venture of PSUs of Ministry of Power, plans to bolster the market towards efficient fans through the deployment of 10 Million energy efficient fans (both 3 Star & 5 Star) across India from September 2023. This strategic initiative by EESL is designed to support the country’s NDC (Nationally Determined Contributions) targets by encouraging wide spread adoption of energy efficient fans, benefiting consumers, governments and public and private organizations to save energy, reduce electricity bills and contribute to the Nation’s sustainable energy management.

While interacting with State heads of EESL and stakeholders on the significance and impact of most energy efficiency appliances which will have major impact for judicious use of electricity and reducing greenhouse gas emission, CEO of EESL, Vishal Kapoor said that the ceiling fan is a ubiquitous appliance in Indian households, which have a sustainable impact on energy consumption. Traditional fans with single phase induction motors consume around 70 to 80 watts while delivering air flow at 210 to 220 m3/ minute. In Stark Contrast, the introduction of BLDC fans by EESL heralds a transformative change, as these fans consume a mere 35 Watts of electricity while air delivery ranging from 220 to 230 m3/min potentially reducing electricity consumption by remarkable 50 per cent.   “Under the leadership of PM, in the UJALA program, India adopted the LED lights which have made a huge impact on energy savings and carbon mitigation”, CEO EESL said   

 “Just as the Nation successfully transitioned from incandescent bulbs to LEDs, it’s now time to consciously shift towards energy efficiency fans”, said Animesh Mishra, a senior official of EESL. He further said that many state governments are earnestly committed to the extensive adoption of energy efficiency measures as part of their sustainable development goals aiming for optimal utilization of energy resource while meeting sustainability targets.

Energy savings achieved through the use of BLDC fans can result in cost savings for the governments. Moreover, public and private organizations as well as individuals will witness tangible reductions in their electricity bills. Furthermore, the incorporation of energy efficiency BLDC fans contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions combating climate change.
With ceiling fans falling under mandatory star labeling since January 2023, the EESL has procured 80,000 BEE five star rated fans based on BLDC technology in a successful pilot project. The upcoming deployment of 10 million energy efficient fans through the EESL program will encompass a wide range of consumers, including manufacturing units, government and private offices, townships, government and private schools, colleges, hospitals and retail consumers.  This comprehensive initiative seamlessly aligns with the government's priority of introducing energy efficient solutions, ultimately bolstering the Nation's economy while protecting the environment.
EESL’s previous flagship program of UJALA, has already achieved remarkable success by providing LED bulbs, LED Tube Lights, energy efficiency fans to the domestic consumer. Over 36.70 crore LED bulbs, 72.09 Lakh LED Tube lights and 23.41 lakh Energy efficient fans have been distributed resulting in estimated energy savings of 47.98 billion kWh per year with avoided peak demand of 9,747 MW, GHG emission reduction of 39 million t CO2 per year and estimated annual monetary savings of INR 19,156 crore in consumer electricity bills.
Explaining to CEO EESL about energy efficiency initiatives in Andhra Pradesh, Animesh Mishra said that, as per third party study conducted in Andhra Pradesh by Engineering Staff College of India and Andhra University, average annual savings per LED bulb is around 73.7 units. Around 2.20 Crore LED bulbs were distributed to households in the State of Andhra Pradesh and it is estimated to save around 1700 Million units per annum. Similarly, EESL has distributed around 3.24 lakh energy efficient Fans in Andhra Pradesh with estimated energy savings of 30 MU worth of Rs.10 Crore.
He urged all stakeholders to opt for BLDC fans which are instrumental in realizing the Nation’s zero emissions goals and promoting sustainable and cleaner future of India. Active support from state governments and widespread adoption of energy efficiency BLDC fans will not only benefit individuals through cost savings and improved comfort but also make significant contributions towards achieving respective States energy and environmental targets, fostering substantial monetary savings in the process.  

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