Evening workouts can be highly beneficial for obese individuals !


Although it has long been believed that mornings are the best times to work out, a new study released on Wednesday suggested that nighttime physical activity may be more beneficial to the health of obese individuals.

The findings, published in the journal Diabetes Care, were based on wearable device data from 30,000 people who were followed over almost 8 years.

Researchers from the University of Sydney, Australia found that the risk of premature death and death from cardiovascular disease was the lowest among people who did aerobic moderate to vigorous physical activity which raises our heart rate between 6 pm and midnight.

“Due to several complex societal factors, around two in three Australians have excess weight or obesity which puts them at a much greater risk of major cardiovascular conditions such as heart attacks and stroke, and premature death,” said Dr Angelo Sabag, Lecturer in Exercise Physiology at the University of Sydney.

In the study, the team did not just track structured exercise but focused on tracking continuous aerobic exercise in bouts of 3 minutes or more.

They found that the frequency mattered more than their daily physical activity.

Further, the team observed, also based on previous research that physical activity in the evening may help offset some of the intolerance and complications associated with diabetes or obesity, known to raise glucose intolerance in the late evening.

Sabag, however, emphasised that “exercise is by no means the only solution to the obesity crisis”.

But, the study suggests that “people who can plan their activity into certain times of the day may best offset some of these health risks,” she said.

Evening workouts can help improve sleep quality, which is crucial for weight loss and overall health. This is because physical activity releases endorphins, promoting relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety that may keep obese individuals up at night. Moreover, exercising in the evening can help reduce cravings for unhealthy foods, making it easier to stick to a healthy diet. Overall, incorporating an evening workout routine can be a game-changer for obese individuals, leading to improved physical and mental health.

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