Exam fever is rising ? How to beat here are tips to avoid exam anxiety !!

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The board-exam fever is rising. What Gen Z needs is a way to cope with the exam pressure, along with beating distractions like keeping up with social media trends, navigating through adolescent friendships, processing their own emotions etc. To help these board-exam students focus better and learn faster, meditation is the best way. Level SuperMind held 7-day workshops at schools in Sion and Dharavi areas of Mumbai and introduced the practice of guided meditation to them.

Be it for dealing with exam anxiety, improving attention span, or boosting self-confidence, meditation is one of the best ways for students to increase their productivity and study calmly under the pressure. The practise not only helps them gain focus but also ensure that the study material stays in their mind for a longer time. A student of Class X of People’s Welfare Society’s School, Sion, said, “I get nervous very easily which makes it difficult for me to memorize. Meditating with Level SuperMind relaxed my mind and after practicing it for these 7 days, I am able to remember better.”

Another classmate added, “I found the idea of meditation boring on the first day, but these 7 days changed the way I feel about meditation. I felt relaxed and confident after the practice. I wish we could do it every morning after coming to school”.

A teacher at Chhatrapati Shivaji Vidhyalaya, Dharavi shares, “We had been worried about this Class X batch as they were not getting serious about their exams. After this workshop, there is an evident change in the behavior of these students. They seem to be more attentive in classes. As for those who experience anxiety before exams, this meditation workshop has come as a blessing for them”.

Co-founder of the app Level SuperMind and an IIT Madras graduate, Aayush Anand explained, “Meditation can change the structure and function of the brain through relaxation. Research shows that it can help boost your focus, memory and creativity. A Harvard study concluded that just 10 mins of daily meditation can help enhance your creativity by 22%. And that’s why Harshil Karia, Ranveer Allahbadia and I built Level SuperMind. It is an app especially for the younger generation with a gamified experience and meditations in regional Indian languages too”

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