Father s Day 2023: 18 th June celebrated desi fathers do some things in life that might annoy you at times and sometimes teach you a life lesson.


Having parents is a blessing. While Indian mothers are known for being the 'Home Ministers' and having the most beautiful bond with their children, Indian fathers are the head of the family in most households.

Children usually consider their fathers their first 'HERO'. The older we get, the more we realise their importance, love, and sacrifices.

But, fathers, especially 'desi fathers' do some things in life that might annoy you at times and sometimes teach you a life lesson.

Here are 9 savage things every Indian father does.

Humare zamane mein

"Humare Zamane mein..." is a phrase we've all heard as children. Indian fathers love to tell their kids about their lives and constantly compare them to their kids' lives. Whether it's traveling, new technology, songs, movies, or just basic amenities, all of it is always compared.

Switching off lights and fans

When you leave a room, it is important to switch off lights and fans. But in Indian households, fathers make sure to give extra attention to saving electricity. So, every time you forget to switch off the lights and fans, they will do it for you and make sure to give you a lecture regarding the same.

Money doesn't grow on trees

Whether it's new gadgets, clothes, or accessories, or even a weekend trip to the mall, desi fathers will always remind you, "Paise Pedh pe nahi ugte!" (Money doesn't grow on trees).

Lame Dad jokes

Desi dads love to make people laugh (at least that's what they think). So, be prepared to hear him crack some not-so-funny jokes. And the best part is that they refuse to stop after cracking one joke.

Ask your mother

Whether you want to get permission to go out, spend some money, or maybe take his car for a drive, your father will definitely say, "Mummy se pucho?" at least once. The term translates to "ask your mother," and thus begins the real life pim-pom, where you have to say all this to both of them quite a few times.

Changing TV channel

Desi dads love to change the TV channel the moment they enter the TV room. And they will make sure to change it to a news channel and make the entire family watch it.

Aage ka kya socha hai

Yes, it is important to think about your future. Indian dads always like to ask you the most serious questions during your free time, especially about your future and what's next. So, make sure to answer those questions well.

Not taking directions from Google Maps

Dads hate asking for help when it comes to directions. Especially with the help of technology. It is definitely a task to convince them to use Google Maps to navigate in their own city.

Always rushing while going out

Every time you plan to go out, whether it is for a party, family dinner, picnic, trip, or even grocery shopping, your father will get ready the fastest and hurry people

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