Food And Lifestyle For Winters !!


Now it’s time to change our lifestyle and food according to the cold weather.

Dominant dosha

Digestive fire is strong. Body strength is also good compare to other seasons. Body needs food which are rich with all the six tastes (madhur, alla, lavana, katu, tikta, kashayam) and nutrition like cow milk products, poultry and meat, rice, wheat, jaggery, sesame seeds, oils, all seasonal fruits and vegetables etc.

Due to strong digestive fire, people tend to eat and drink more alcohol during winter days as outing is less. Kapha dosha is slowly accumulating in our body causing many signs and symptoms. As Kapha is made up of water and earth elements, a heavy energy brings weight to the body, cholesterol, fatty liver, heart blockage and respiratory problems like bronchitis, sinusitis, respiratory infections, etc.

What to do?

Regular workout and exercises are compulsory in winter. This is the best time for all kinds of cardiovascular and other physical trainings. Yoga and pranayam should be practised for mental health. Add fibres in diet like fresh fruits, wholegrains, and green leafy veggies

Have a cup of hot water with ¼ tsp of dry ginger powder added every morning. It is a good detox drink.

Spices like turmeric, ginger, fenugreek seeds, Nigella seeds, cardamom, cumin, black and long pepper, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, etc. help protect respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive system.


Self abhyanga: A regular self massage to body with warm sesame oil is recommended in Ayurveda for winter. The benefits include:

Soft and moisturised skin

Improves blood circulation and keeps the body warm.

Home-made moisturiser: Mix equal quantity of coconut oil, rose hip oil and Shea butter. Apply daily all over your body after shower. It’s effective to cure dry skin in winter. The vata types can massage feet with warm sesame oil before sleeping.

For good immunity: 5 to 10 ml of Nigella or kalonji oil in either hot water or warm soup is the best anti-inflammatory for joints pain, good digestion and metabolic support.

What to avoid:

Greasy and fried food, too much salt, simple carbohydrates like sugar, refined food like refined flour, refined oils etc. Late night eating and heavy drinking of alcohol.

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