Guava leaves for toothache ?! How do you make guava leaves for a toothache?

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Guava leaves for toothache: Guava leaves have been used for toothache for years, not just today. Actually, these leaves have the property of reducing tooth decay, removing inflammation and keeping the teeth healthy. These leaves have antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties, which are helpful in killing bacteria in the teeth and removing inflammation. So, the question is: how to use guava leaves for teeth and what are their benefits.

How do you make guava leaves for a toothache 

For teeth, you can make a paste by grinding guava leaves or you can use its extract. For this, you have to do the following: 

  • Take some fresh guava leaves.
  • Take some pipli and cloves.
  • Add a little salt to it as well.
  • Now grind all these on a cob.
  • Now apply this coarse paste to your teeth

Benefits of guava leaves in toothache

1. Antibacterial

You can use this antibacterial paste to get rid of toothaches. Also, you can use its extracts. Along with killing the bacteria inside the teeth, it also neutralises the worms in the teeth. In this way, it is helpful in reducing toothaches.

2. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties
Whether it is guava leaf or long pepper, both are rich in anti-inflammatory properties. These reduce the pain by reducing the inflammation of the tooth. Apart from this, it also reduces the infection in the surrounding area, due to which the pain of the teeth decreases. So, understand this home remedy and try it when you have a toothache.

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