Holi 2023: Festival of colours will be celebrated on March 8th

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Holi is the festival of colours. The colorful festival is one of the most important Hindu festivals celebrated throughout India.

The festival is celebrated on the full-moon day of Phalguna month in the Hindu calendar. This year, the festival will be celebrated on March 8th.

In India, Holi is celebrated in different ways. People play Holi with everything from flowers to sticks to colours, but the most common way to play Holi is with colours.

On Holi people put colours on each other as a gesture of love and care.

There are so many colours available in the market. But do you know their meaning and significance?

Here are the meaning and the significance of the colours.

Red Colour

In Hinduism, the colour red is considered auspicious. Red represents love, marriage, and fertility, which is why it is used as a tilak, married women use red kumkum, and they wear red clothes. Hence, red is the most popular colour used in the festival.


Orange, also known as saffron, is another auspicious colour in Hinduism. The color is associated with the Lord Sun and represents a new beginning.

Yellow Colour

Yellow is the brightest colour in the colour palette. According to Hinduism, it is the colour of Lord Vishnu, and it signifies life, happiness, joy, and good health.

Green Colour

Green is the colour of nature, as Holi marks the beginning of the spring season along with the harvest season. The colour signifies new beginnings and new growth.

Blue Colour

In Hinduism, most gods and goddesses have blue skin that represents 'power.' After red, blue is one of the most auspicious colors. It represents infinity and immeasurableness, like the apparent endlessness of the sea and sky.

Pink Colour

Pink is another popular colour choice in Holi. The light shade of pink signifies loyalty and beauty. Though the colour doesn't have any religious significance, it represents beauty and charm.

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