Holi 2024: How to make holi festive safe happy with Natural colors !


One of the colourful festivals of India, Holi, is just around the corner. Holi 2024 is going to be celebrated on 24th March, 2024. We all love playing with colours, but it is very harmful for our skin too. But if you want to play safe Holi, then try to make organic Holi colours at home. Go eco-friendly this Holi! 

Yellow Colour

Mix gram flour and turmeric in a 1:2 ratio. Rub the mixture between your palms to blend evenly, then strain the mixture a few times for a fine texture. You can also boil marigolds or turmeric in water for wet yellow colours. 

Red Colour

Grind red hibiscus flowers and mix them with rice flour and saffron for a richer red colour. You can also boil pomegranate peels in water for a wet red colour

Pink Colour


Mix less lemon juice with turmeric to turn it pink; you can add more lemon juice to make it red. Let the lemon juice and turmeric mixture dry away from the sunlight. 

Grey Colour


Use powdered Indian gooseberry seeds mixed with corn flour to achieve a gray Holi colour at home. 

Magenta Colour

Boil beetroot slices or red onions in water. Let it sit for a while and strain it. Let it cool down before using it.

Green Colour

Mix henna powder with rice flour or maida for a dry green colour. Be careful while using henna mixed with water; it can stain skin and clothes. 

Brown Colour

Boil coffee with water and add rose water to reduce the coffee smell. Be careful, as coffee can stain your skin. 

Purple Colour

Grind black carrots and mix them with corn flour. After making the mixture, let it dry. You can add rose water for extra fragrance.

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