Holi 2024: Timing, Rituals And Tradition !


The wide celebration of Holi begins with the rituals of 'Holika Dahan' on Chhoti Holi, a festive event that resembles the victory of truth over evil. The 'Holika Dahen' intends to remove the darkness and negativity to hail the light of goodness. This year, Hindu devotees are all set to cherish the hues, sparks and purpose of 'Holika Dahan' with splashing colours.

There are plenty of things to replicate on March 24, 2024, to welcome the 'Badi Holi' with the brightest celebrations.

The Timing

'Purnima Tithi' begins at 9:54 AM and ends at 12:29 PM. While the vibrant 'Bhadra Punchha' will take place between 6:33 PM and 7:53 PM, followed by Bhadra Mukha between 7:53 and 10:06 PM

The main 'Holika-Dahen' period will be celebrated between 11:13 and 11:53.

Rituals For 'Holika Dahen'


The devotees can embark on rituals with a holy bath to prepare for the bonfire event. The bonfire with mustard, sesame seeds, coconut and Akshat is known to remove bouts of negativity, while a 'desi ghee' diya is often regarded as a ritual to bring positivity and wealth. The believers can offer pooja to Lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi along with the 'Stayanaryan' Fast.

Be Cautious Of These Things

Loud music, alcohol, gibberish words, harsh behaviour and Tamsik food items are considered bad for the day. According to ancient conventions, cutting nails and lending money during 'Holika Dahan' can affect the future.

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