How to naturally improve eyesight and sometimes over come nearsightedness ? !

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A healthy lifestyle is the key to a healthy body and that includes our eyes as well. while there is no magic cure for an instant boost to our eyesight, adopting some healthy habits can definitely support our vision and eye health. Dr Neeraj Sanduja, an ophthalmologist suggests some tips and tricks to maintain a healthy eye sight 

Good and balanced diet:A nutritious, well rounded diet rich in antioxidants and minerals can help in preserving and maintaining our eye sight and protect us from many age-related eye diseases. Some foods and nutrients to be included in our diet are Vitamin A loaded veggies and fruits like carrots, sweet potato, cantaloupe, papaya etc.. Oranges, lemon, tomatoes are high on Vitamin C and, Vitamin E can be sourced from avocados, almonds, and dry fruits. Lutein and zeaxanthin can be found in spinach, eggs, and kale. Omega 3 fatty acids are also healthy for eyes. Include fish, chia seeds, and cod liver oil in your diet.

Pro tip: The market is full of supplements which claim miraculous results, it is important to consult your ophthalmologist before starting any supplements.

Regular Exercise: Physical fitness increases circulation of blood and oxygen flow to our eyes. Healthy blood flow means proper supply of nutrients and oxygen to our eyes and will ensure prevention from diseases like Age related macular degeneration (AMD) and dry eyes. Physical exercise also helps us to maintain a healthy weight which again prevents many diseases.

Good Hygiene: Wash your hands and face thoroughly and regularly. It is important to keep cosmetics and other chemicals out of our eyes. If you are a contact lens user it is important to store them properly and regularly change them.

Use of protective eye wear: It is important to wear sunglasses with UV protection to keep the harmful rays from diminishing our eye sight due to prolonged expose to sun. Also, if your workplace has an industrial or chemical set up always use protective eye wear and practice safety.

Avoid Smoking: Smoking increases the risk for many physical health issues specially optic nerve damage, cataracts , macular degeneration if we are talking about our eye health. Hence it can have a negative impact on our vision and it is best to refrain from smoking and tobacco use.

Decrease screen time:  Follow the 20-20-20 rule i.e when spending long hours in front of the screen (computer /laptop/phone ) take a break every 20 minutes and look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Excessive screen time leads to dry eyes and the harmful blue rays from the screen are a potential hazard to our eye health.

Regular eye exams: It is important to schedule regular visits to your nearby eye specialist for ensuring healthy eyes. A comprehensive eye examination can help catch potential issues and maintain our eye and vision health. People with a family medical history and with other medical l issues like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease etc need to be extra regular and vigilant about their visits to an ophthalmologists.

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