Information Overload Day 2022 : Observed on October 20 Tips to escape information overload

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Are there times when you feel like running away from too much exposure to content? Be it your classroom or an office setting, there can be instances where you felt an information overload, following difficulty in comprehending what's being communicated after a given point in time.

Did you know? Information Overload Day is observed on October 20 every year. This day reminds people about taking a break from tasks in order to freshen one's cognitive process.

The day was started by analyst Jonathan Spira in 2009 when his research firm, Basex, cited information overload as their 'Problem of the Year'.

There is a limit to the amount of information that can surpasses a human's else information overload will occur. A large amount of information can affect a person's ability to process, the ability to manage thoughts and to make the right decision.

According to, information overload has been defined as “excessive flows and amounts of data or information that can lead to detrimental, computational, physical, psychological, and social effects.” We are living in this information era and so this is a day to create an awareness to consume only limited and quality content 

Ways to observe 'Information Overload Day':

  • Disconnect yourself from mobile, computer, television. Go for digital detoxification.

  • Do meditation and calm your mind, body and soul.

  • Create awareness about the day on social media using the hashtag #InformationOverloadDay and share how do you plan to celebrate this day.

  • Ways to prevent information overload on all days:

  • Try to limit your social networking activities to not more than half an hour.

  • Only keep those applications in your mobile and news/ magazines app or reading material that are good for your profession and personal growth.

  • Getting exposed to more information than we can handle, makes us tired and then may cause burnout and fatigue, leading to stress-related problems resulting in health issues.

  • Read books instead of E-books to limit your screen time.

  • Do not overload your cognitive processes with extra information which is not related to you in any way.

  • Relax your brain by indulging in activities where you do not have to feed your brain with an overload of information like engaging in some physical activities or hanging out with friends for a coffee.

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