International Dance Day 2023 :Every year on April 29, people observe to celebrate this beautiful art

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International Dance Day 2023: Dance is not just a form of art, but it is highly beneficial for our overall health. Dance improves mental health and serves as a great relaxation technique for the body and mind. Every year, on April 29, people observe International Dance Day to celebrate this beautiful art form. From high-energy Zumba to low-impact Ballet Barre, there's a dance style for everyone. Not only will you improve your fitness and burn calories, but you will also have fun doing it. So, on the occasion of International Dance Day, put on your dancing shoes and explore five different types of dance workouts and the health benefits they can offer.

Also, dancing is beneficial in many ways in terms of your health. It affects every part of your body and is an exercise for the whole body. Let's talk about it in detail.  

Why is dancing a good exercise?

1. Keeps lungs and heart healthy

Dancing is beneficial in keeping the lungs and heart healthy. It improves the functioning of the heart. Second, it is beneficial for heart health. Also, it improves the blood circulation of the whole body and is helpful in preventing many problems.  

2. Beneficial for skin and hair 

Dancing is beneficial for skin and hair in many ways. Actually, when dance corrects the blood circulation in the body, it opens the skin pores and helps in hair growth. So, if you want healthy hair with glowing skin, then dance. 

3. Increases flexibility of the body

Dancing is beneficial in increasing the flexibility of the body. Actually, dancing brings life to your muscles and nerves and improves the flexibility of the body. So, dance and increase the flexibility of your body.

4. Helpful in weight loss

Dancing is beneficial in many ways for those who want to lose weight. Dancing helps burn calories. Apart from this, it acts as a cardio exercise and helps in digesting the fat stored in the muscles. So, do calorie-burning exercises like hip hop, freestyle, Zumba, belly dance

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