International Day of Happiness on March 20 : Happiness is based on the ideas of humanity


The landmarks of dreams and destinations are just a medium for becoming more positive and grateful. While the masses restrict joy to flashy things or status quo, the fundamental right to happiness is based on the ideas of humanity, inclusivity and empathy to foster sustainable developmental goals and striking policy frameworks.

The 'International Day of Happiness' on March 20 is an alarm to those who water the lethal toxic measurements of progress on a derogatory roadmap. On March 20, the United Nations presents 'World Happiness Report' to shed light on sparks of hope amid the war drums, conflicts and blackouts.

Moderate satisfaction on the path of life, work, dreams and aspiration is mandatory to ensure actual growth of society because genuine progress is very different from prevalent rusted perceptions.

The Idea Belongs to Bhutan


The General Assembly of the UN declared the day on July 12, 2012, to fortify the right policies and to make a change through education, awareness, employment and multidimensional development procedures. But the first demand for resolution was made by Bhutan, as the Bhutanese government has been issuing a 'National Happiness Report' on the paradigm of GDP reports since 1970.

The critically acclaimed film 'The Lunchbox' also emphasizes the discovery of happiness in last-fragment, where a housewife heads toward Bhutan to seek a peaceful nook after losing her pen-pal lover.

Less Economic Gap And More Social Inclusivity

UNESCO initiated the 'Happy Schools Project' in 2014 and launched a learning toolkit in 2022 to endorse the gentle and lifelong process of learning. These initiatives support the goal of a better inclusive future with fewer economic gaps and more social inclusivity

From students and civil society to the national and international frameworks, the 'International Day of Happiness' marks the loopholes of progress to incite gentle transformations

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