International Mother Language Day 2024: February 21 linguistic diversity across world.


Numerous languages may allure you; the mother tongue is the only language that can read you between the lines of reality and dreams, something you recognise as a part of you! You never earned these alphabets to fill the pockets of knowledge and aspirations, but the words fell like flowers that shower in the breezy rains and twinkle like broken stars to break your heart! Globalization has listed the languages as per utilitarian demands, but the emotions don't need a record to prove their worth, and International Mother Language Day is an attempt to redefine your self-worth with an intersectional eye.

International Mother Language Day was recognised by UNESCO in 1999, and since February 21, 2000, it has been celebrating linguistic diversity across the world. There are more than 7,100 languages on the globe. The 2001 census underlines 1599 Indian languages, including 122 major languages. While 22 languages are officially listed and protected by the Constitution. Nothing can beat the echoes of what you mumble in daydreams because it shapes personal identity and democracy

How Can The Mother Tongue Shape Identity?

Mother tongues are often observed as a reflection of existence. A shrine to return and turn the sensitivity. We should indeed learn the other flamboyant languages, but the dialect of your own should be present somewhere. Only rooted authenticity has the power to guard your identity and the sense of being without a crash

Freedom over phonics saves you from the probabilities of miscommunication or the eerie aftermaths of being misunderstood. This is a pathway to connect experiences and knowledge to hit milestones of human expression. Studies have proven that exposure to vernacular refines the'sense of self' and empowers social and cultural identity without additional effort. Also, bilingual or multilingual children are way ahead in terms of academics or work satisfaction.

However, you cannot forget the scriptures and sounds of the vernacular-river, but you should try to protect and polish it as an entity. Even if you do not abandon the linguistic patch, your first language will save you!

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