Kerala, TN asks Centre to drop amendments to IAS Cadre rules it will create fear psychosis.

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Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand have urged the Centre to drop the proposed amendments to IAS (Cadre) deputation rules. Opposing the move, Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan in a letter to PM Modi said that it will create "fear psychosis" among civil service officials to implement the state government policies.

Vijayan said the present deputation rules are themselves heavily loaded in favour of the Union and bringing in further stringency will weaken the very root of cooperative federalism.

"The proposed amendments in the Deputation Rules of All India Services will definitely induce a fear psychosis and an attitude of hesitancy among All India Service Officers to implement policies of a state government, which are formed by party/parties politically opposed by the ruling party at the Centre", Vijayan said in the letter.

He said the Kerala government is of the opinion that "these proposed amendments" may be dropped.

"In our federal set-up, the state governments are on a par with the central government as both of them are elected by the people, though the division of authority in the Constitution does give the Union jurisdiction over a wider range of subjects.

"We need to recognise that in a vibrant democratic and federal polity, States and the Centre can be ruled by political formations with vastly different ideologies and political views. But these governments function within the framework of the Constitution", the letter said.

The union government has proposed an amendment to the IAS (Cadre) Rules, 1954, which would enable it to post IAS officers on central deputation, bypassing reservations of state governments.

Amendments to the IAS Cadre Rules proposed by the Centre, 'strikes at the very root' of the nation's federal polity and state autonomy, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin told Prime Minister Narendra Modi and urged him to drop the move.

Expressing deep concern about the draft amendments proposed by union government, Stalin strongly objected to it.

The amendment proposal, "strikes at the very root of our federal polity and state autonomy."

If implemented, the proposed amendments would cause irreparable damage to the spirit of cooperative federalism that exist between union and the states and lead to concentration of powers in the union government, Stalin said in a letter to Modi .

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