Mango delicious but also soothes consume mango in limited quantities TO avoid uric acid problem!!

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Eating Mango in uric acid: Summer means mango season is here. People eat a lot of mangoes in this season as this fruit is not only delicious but also soothes many cravings. But is it dangerous for you to eat mangoes if you have high uric acid? Many people have argued that mangoes have a good amount of fiber and uric acid is a disease related to poor metabolism so eating mangoes is beneficial. But, we tend to forget about the rest of the compounds in mangoes that may not be beneficial for uric acid patients. Nutritionist Ashwani.H. Kumar, Udyan Health Care Centre, Lucknow threw light on this issue and revealed what is the right way to go ahead.

Should we eat mango in high uric acid?

Nutritionist Ashwani explains that mango is high in sugar and hence it can increase the blood sugar of the body. So when we eat a lot of mangoes, the fructose present in it not only increases the blood sugar but also increases uric acid levels which can worsen liver problems and gout pain 

Think of it as if you are a gout patient, increasing fructose can be dangerous for you because when the body breaks down fructose, purines are released. The excess of purines can increase inflammation and pain by raising uric acid levels. 

Should uric acid patients eat mangoes at all? 

Mango is a seasonal fruit and consuming it is also beneficial in some ways. But if you have a uric acid problem, then you should consume mango in limited quantities. Eat mangoes only 2 times a week, that too a little amount. Eating it in huge quantities every day can be harmful and increase the problem of gout. 

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